New MAD publication: Medieval Animals on the Move Between Body and Mind (Palgrave, March 2021)

Cover of the book: Medieval on the Move

Cover of the book: Medieval on the Move

Medieval Animals on the Move: Between Body and Mind comprises a selection of peer-reviewed papers based on the 2017 conference of the Medieval Animal Database-Network (MAD), organized at the Department of Archaeology and Classical Studies of Stockholm University, “Animals on the Move in the Middle Ages”. MAD has organized a series of small conferences connected to animals as material culture over the past fifteen years, starting with a volume edited by Aleks Pluskowski in 2005 entitled Just Skin and Bones? New Perspectives on Human-Animal Relations in the Historical Past (BAR International Series). Medieval Animals on the Move will be the fifth volume in this series.

This book investigates relations between humans and animals over several centuries with a focus on the Middle Ages, since important features of our perceptions regarding animals have been rooted in that period. Elucidating various aspects of medieval human-animal relationships requires transdisciplinary discourse, and so this book aims to reconcile the materiality of animals with complex cultural systems illustrating their subtle transitions ‘between body and mind’.

Bartosiewicz, László, and Alice Mathea Choyke, eds. Medieval Animals on the Move: Between Body and Mind. Palgrave Macmillan, 2021.  ISBN: 978-3-030-63887-0




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