Animals in Medieval Context, Trivent Publishing’s new series

Animals in Medieval Context, Trivent Publishing’s new series on medieval animals, is conceived to bring together scholars interested in the manifold ways humans have related to and depended on non-human animals for physical and spiritual existence in medieval Europe and beyond. The aim of the series is to bring together publications on all aspects of the animal-human relationship in the Middle Ages and Early Modern Age, exploring a variety of written, visual, and zooarchaeological sources. In cooperation with the Medieval Animal Data-Network (MAD), the series will also make peer-reviewed conference papers and proceedings available to a wider audience. Engaging traditional and emerging methodologies as well as perspectives in medieval studies, MAS is envisaged as a forum to unlock the potential of interdisciplinary approaches to clarify the multifaceted, often mutual roles of animals and people in society.

The series is edited by Dr. Zsuzsanna Papp Reed of Central European University (Budapest/Vienna) and the honorary editors of MAS are Professors Alice Choyke and Gerhard Jaritz, also of Central European University.

For book proposal ideas, please feel free to contact the editors.

Contact information

For information on new proposals, please contact the series editor at or

You can access the series webpage here :

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