Call for papers: Animals and Words: Talking about Animals – Talking with Animals – Talking Animals

Adam naming the animals of the world, from the Peterborough Bestiary (MS 53, f. 195v)

Adam naming the animals of the world, from the Peterborough Bestiary (Cambridge, Corpus Christi College, MS 53, f. 195v, 14th Century)

New Animaliter colloquium  (May, 26-27, 2014).
Call for papers Deadline : December 31th, 2013

Topic and themes

  1. Talking about Animals: How do medieval authors describe and name animals?
    This comprises problems of terminology and classification, but also the analysis of poetic elements used when describing animals, such as epithets or proper names of animals, etc.
  2. Talking with Animals: Who talks with what kind of animal?
    The focus in this section is on the partially verbal and partially non-verbal communication between humans and animals, such as found in the medieval epic, and also in texts that look at the daily interaction between the two.
  3. Talking Animals: How, what and when do animals talk?
    The central texts for this topic are not so much animal-fables, but other works featuring animals that communicate or talk with humans.

These are some possible ideas and suggestions and we would welcome further proposals from the contributors to the encyclopaedia and also from other scholars interested in the topic. Please send us a working title and a short abstract (no longer than ten lines) together with an indication under which category you’d like to place your paper till December, 31th 2013.

We would like to offer ten slots of 30-45 minutes each (20 to 30 minutes for the presentation of the paper, plus 10 to 15 minutes for the discussion).

The colloquium is scheduled for Monday 26 and Tuesday 27 May 2014 and takes place at the TU Darmstadt (Germany).

Download the call for papers in PDF (with German and French versions)



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