Category: History of zoology

Defining the marine monster. Conference, University of Caen, March 9th, 2018

Date : Friday March 9th 2018, 9h30-16h. University of Caen Normandy, campus 1, Esplanade de la Paix, MRSH, room SH 027. Organization : Craham, ICHTYA research programme ( Programme : French abstract Quiconque travaille sur les créatures aquatiques dans les textes ou dans les arts figurés de l’Antiquité, du Moyen Âge et...

Fact Checking: Can Ostriches Digest Iron?

There were many different legends in the Middle Ages about imaginary beasts and many imaginary properties ascribed to real animals. One of these most striking properties concerns the ostrich’s ability to eat and digest iron. Originally, there were some observations stating that the ostrich, like many birds, eat stones. But this bird is...

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