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New publication on animals in muslim culture: L’Arca di Noè. Studi in onore di Giovanni Canova

Ghersetti, A., O. Capezio, and F. Bellino, eds. L’Arca Di Noè. Studi in Onore Di Giovanni Canova. Quaderni Di Studi Arabi, n. s. 14. Roma: Istituto per l’Oriente, 2019. http://www.ipocan.it/index.php/it/quaderni-di-studi-arabi. Table of contents Antonella GHERSETTI, Oriana CAPEZIO, Francesca BELLINO, L’arca Noè. Studi in onore di Giovanni Canova, 5-12 Eros BALDISSERA, Giovanni Canova: i...

Conference: Around Timotheos of Gaza Late Antiquity Greek zoological sources in Syriac and Arabic literature

Around Timotheos of Gaza / Autour de Timothée de Gaza Journée d’étude organisée par  Arnaud Zucker & Jean-Charles Ducene 4 novembre 2016 • 9h-15h30 MSHS, Saint-Jean d’Angely 3, Amphi 31 NICE (France) Late Antiquity Greek zoological sources (IIe-VIe s. ap. J.-C.) in syriac and arabic literature (VIIIe-XVe s.) Les sources grecques tardives (IIe-VIe...

Majnun visited in the desert by his mother and Salim (Sanwlah). Various animals gathered around them., British Library, Or.12208, f.150b, 16th C.

Animals in the medieval and Ottoman Islamic World. A work in progress bibliography

This is the very first version of a bibliography on history of animals in the (Medieval and Ottoman Muslim world. Please send comments at medievalanimal@gmail.com and buquet.zarafa@gmail.com. If people are interested, we could organized a work-group on Zotero.org to share a bibliography with specialists from various origins and topics (hunting, falconry, veterinary medicine,...

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