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New publication on animals in muslim culture: L’Arca di Noè. Studi in onore di Giovanni Canova

Ghersetti, A., O. Capezio, and F. Bellino, eds. L’Arca Di Noè. Studi in Onore Di Giovanni Canova. Quaderni Di Studi Arabi, n. s. 14. Roma: Istituto per l’Oriente, 2019. http://www.ipocan.it/index.php/it/quaderni-di-studi-arabi. Table of contents Antonella GHERSETTI, Oriana CAPEZIO, Francesca BELLINO, L’arca Noè. Studi in onore di Giovanni Canova, 5-12 Eros BALDISSERA, Giovanni Canova: i...

Apocalypse, Normandy ca. 1330 (BnF, Latin 14410, p. 65

Book: D’ailes et d’oiseaux au Moyen Âge (Of Wings and Birds in the Middle Ages)

D’ailes et d’oiseaux au Moyen Âge : Langues, littérature et histoire des sciences, ed. Claude Thomasset (Festschrift Claude Gaignebet), Paris, Champion (Series. Sciences techniques), 2016, 456 p. (Publisher’s webpage: http://www.honorechampion.com/fr/champion/9160-book-08532931-9782745329318.html) Table of contents D’AILES ET DE MYTHES, DANS LES CIVILISATIONS Claude Gaignebet, Autour de l’aigle et du roitelet Isabelle Olivier, Sur les ailes de l’oiseau :...

Call for papers: International Reynard Society (Zürich, July, 15-19, 2015)

The 21st  Colloquium of the International Reynard Society will be organised at the University of Zurich  from Wednesday, 15th to Saturday, 19th July 2015. For this edition of the Colloquium, the bureau of the Reynard Society suggests the following topics: The allegorical animal – the animal allegory; Birds; “Border cases” among short narratives

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