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Call for papers: From Morning Hunt to Beloved Gazelle (Cambridge 15-16th Dec. 2021)

15-16th December, 2021 , University of Cambridge Literary and Visual Representations of Animals from Central Asia to the Maghreb This conference seeks to rethink the literatures and arts of the Middle East, North Africa, and the Persianate and Turkish lands through the presence of non-human animals situated within their ‘worlds’, whether these be...

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Call for papers : Animals on the Move in the Middle Ages and Early Modern Period (Stockholm, 10-11 Nov. 2017)

INTERNATIONAL MEETING OF THE MEDIEVAL ANIMAL DATA NETWORK (MAD) Animals on the Move in the Middle Ages and Early Modern Period 10–11 November, 2017, Stockholm University, Sweden The DEADLINE for submissions is 28 February, 2017. M(edieval) A(nimal) D(ata-networks) (http://www.imareal.sbg.ac.at/mad/ ; http://mad.hypotheses.org/) was conceived as a way to bring together scholars interested in the...

Mother Ape with Young Pursued by Hunters. Bestiary. Salisbury (?) (England). Second half of the 13th century. London, The British Library, Ms. Harley 4751, fol. 11r.

Apes in Medieval Art

Apes are the closest relatives of humans in the animal world. They look like us, yet they are completely different. The ambiguity between the form and behavior of apes over humans was the main reason why they were used as a mirror of positive and/or negative behavior in both literary and artistic representations...

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