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New MAD publication: Medieval Animals on the Move Between Body and Mind (Palgrave, March 2021)

Medieval Animals on the Move: Between Body and Mind comprises a selection of peer-reviewed papers based on the 2017 conference of the Medieval Animal Database-Network (MAD), organized at the Department of Archaeology and Classical Studies of Stockholm University, “Animals on the Move in the Middle Ages”. MAD has organized a series of small...

Reinardus 29 (2017)

Reinardus. Yearbook of the International Reynard Society, Volume 29 (2017) [published May 2018] Table of contents Articles Formes brèves et mise en prose: Le cas des Herberies Paola Cifarelli, 1–15 “In dorso colorem habet inter viridem et ceruleum…”: Liber rerum e osservazione zoologica diretta nell’enciclopedia di Tommaso di Cantimpré Mattia Cipriani, 16–98 “Au...

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