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Aquatic Animals and Monsters of the Northern Seas: Programme (Cerisy-La-Salle, May 31-June 2017)

The Colloquium is devoted to the history of fish, aquatic monsters and mammals in the northern seas (the English Channel, North Sea, Baltic Sea, Norwegian Sea, the North Atlantic), from antiquity to 1600. The colloquium is structured in five topics: Zoological Knowledge: Naming Describing, Identifying Sea products: fishing, eating, transforming Iconography: representing marine...

Call for papers: Walruses, Whales and Narwhals Maritime Ivories in Western Europe, 900-1500 (Kalamazoo 2017)

In the history of carved ivories, maritime mammals have often been eclipsed by the elephant, considered as a nobler ivory to which walrus or whale ivory would only be a poor man’s substitute. But this historiographical view is not without its shortcomings, as not only did walrus hunting play a significant role in...

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